Father, Father

Dear Father,

Why do you always put me down?

From Daughter,

Why do you love to steal my crown?

To Monster,

I don't like the view from the ground.

Hold on sir,

Let us turn this upside down.

Dear Bully,

How does it look the other way around?

From Fully

Capable girl, no longer bound.

To Mr. Bitter,

I don't want you to make a sound. 

I've not withered,

I fucking grew up proud. 

Dear Tormentor,

A way to break me is what you never found. 

Sincerely Not-In-Your-Furture,

This is your little girl, skipping town. 


Annette M Velasquez

Wow- this is intense! There's a lot of emotional release here and a hunger for justice... This is really powerful I hope it was a form of catharsis in writing it- expressing yourself. Poetry can be therapeutic... Check out a book by Sandra Marinelli on writing as healing... Also, my poems "Triumph over trauma", and "fool" on this site, I think you'll like them.

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