A father in continuous labels


A father in continuous labels


            Slumped by life’s merciless challenges

            Transcended every failure

            Reconciled with your past

            Entwined in discipline and ruthless love


            You dwell in present time

            Giving guidance

            As one of GOD’s acolytes

            Bolstered, shattered, soothed


            Balanced inside, between heart and mind

            Brilliant on eyes

            Becoming the threshold of countless lives

            Positioned at appointed hills


            Toppling mountains

            Carving paths for those below

            Lending strong vibrant hands

            Ascend into the heavens


            Many can succeed

            Through you they come

            As an Arch angel

            But more of something else


            Reaching stars with so many titles

            Beholding a son, who gazes upon you

            With grace and astonishment

            A father in continuous labels


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