There is a little girl
crying out for her father
little does she know
daddy doesn't want to be bothered

She cries her tears
not at all silent
she slowly learns
daddy is shallow-minded

she is only
the age of three
already she thinks to herself,
"Daddy doesn't want me.'

There was no one there to be her prince
when she played with toys
no advice,later on in life
to help her out with boys

Sad,poor little girl
she soon became bad
Ignored and disobeyed her mother
no one was there to discipline her; no one was there that she could call dad

Age nine
she's wearing heels
Professionally, so you know
gossip spills

At the age of ten
she has a boyfriend
whose fifteenth
he promises to be there 'till the end

No daddy around
to tell her that guys lie
her belly got big
so they said their good-byes

mom kicked her out
full of shame
her and her growing belly
began to play the praying game

A week later...
police took her in
saw her belly
knew her sin

They called her mom
mom didn't answer
they asked for her dads number
...she didn't answer

One of the lady cops
took her into her home
told her most days
she'd be there alone

She thanked the officer
glad to have found a decent person
before her world came crashing
and started to worsen

A few weeks later
she's done with "Men"
She's had her baby
she's made a few friends

at age eleven
she is a mother
to a little boy, she knows someday
will be a GREAT father


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