Fast Food Education: A Nugget of Wisdom

Sun, 12/08/2013 - 23:18 -- troncs


Listening to your Whopper of a lesson
Copying notes from the King
McBored in the back of the classroom
You must know you're killing my dream

Just as I want to just doze off
I’m saved by the Taco Bell
Can you please fill me up with some substance
Instead of this deep fat fried hell

Sick of the same old taste profile
Need you to change recipes
Is there really no hope for uniqueness
No individuality in degrees

So numb I can’t even think Arby’s
Study fact lists I already know
Can wring out the grease in this worksheet
Can I just get this lesson to go

Don’t worry, I won’t use my brain much
I know that you are the boss
But although you may prefer ketchup
I’ll create my own secret sauce

Gonna add some new spice to the lesson
Wanna cook on my own, if you please
Will read from a new type of menu
Immune to this fast food disease




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