Farewell to Familiarity


Pelham High School
2500 Panther Circle
United States
33° 18' 41.7384" N, 86° 49' 17.1552" W

In a couple of months everything that once was so familiar will be left behind, like when a child no longer needs their blanky for comfort.

No longer will we run into bed next to our mommies for protection or to just cuddle and talk.

No more getting grounded or having parent’s rules that we let them think is dumb, but secretly love just because that is a sense of security.

No more childish games or child-like innocence.

In a couple of months coming home to your parents will only be an every other weekend and special occasion kind of thing.

And in a couple of months everything that we once knew, will only be a memory and a great “well, when I was younger” kind of story.


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