Who am I
Is the question
Maybe I don't know
Who am I
Maybe I am you
the voice inside your brain
The sound of your pen
When you right his name
The sound of the door when it slams
Telling your self you'll leave again
I'm the marks on your face
The true reflection of pain
I'm your pillow that you hold
And cry tears of pain
I'm the voice of your mother
Screaming in rage

Who am I
May be I'm lost
Dreaming of a peaceful ending
Blurred lines and finish sentences
Deep thoughts and heavy penetration
Laying in bed with Satan
Broken pictures of our dreams
Still holding the sheets trying to create peace
But sleeping with the devil ain't easy
Maybe I'm selfless cause if I love myself
I wouldn't be helpless is all I hear
But yet I'm still trying to figure when I'll wake up,
two punches to the brain one to my back as I see my life reflect I go back to my mother standing in the living room screaming in rage,
Looking at the blood flow from between my legs I realized I'm my mother should I get up in run but I'm scared so I grab his gun and I load it... BOOM BOOM and my pen drops  crumble paper blowing in the wind so it's murder and  he wrote it so who am i
Is a understatement
Call me anonymous
When you let the ink dry
Tell me this isn't
So ask your self who are you
And why before
You can figure WHO AM I


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