Far From Vietnam

Long time ago, there was the Nguyens.

They traveled far like the shepherds and 3 wise men.

Instead on land, they traveled on a boat.  Stuck in a boat with no rain coat.

Our name is a nation.  But had to find another destination.

Half way around the world, they made it to the U.S.A!  Back then it was somehow ok.

But this side of F.O.B was poor.  Thankfully we’re still alive; that’s for sure.

In the summer of 97’ there was me.  Stayed in Louisiana with siblings of 3.

I have the name of a little flower.  A flower with aggressive power.

I’m not Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, or Korean.. So, don’t fucking ask me again.

I got the Vietnamese bloodline with my Savior’s cross.  Now let me show you who’s the boss.

18 years living in the southern hood.  Things had been pretty good.

Especially for my ancestors’ sacrifice.  I really owe them a huge price.

I want my voice to be heard and loud.  I want my family and friends to be very proud.

If you think you can give a bad attitude.  Don’t bother showing up at False River Seafood!

My life has gone so far.  So far from Vietnam.

This poem is about: 
My family
My country
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