Family Matters

The backyard cookouts, the family dinners and Sunday gametime with them keep me in a calm frame of mind All the times I felt like I was in the dark my kin-folk brought me back to light, the smiles on their faces have the power to strike my heart.When no one else is there for me, when everyone else had forsaken me my family kept their stake with me. This is why my family makes me happy


When school was rough or when life kicked me down and had me in a rouse, my family was there year around day in and day out.Life sometimes has been so cruel to me, sometimes I contemplated suicide, but my loved ones stopped that because they had my side, who else would do that? Not many of my  friends did  because mine were snakes hidden in tall grass, people I thought would be with me forever stuck me deep down inside their past. But my family? No they have the power to turn my gloomy days into sunshine, my world of chaos into a heaven on earth, my stormy seas into calm tides, make my grim week into a piece of cake. This is why they make me happy.


I never believed I had much to look forward to in life.It had so much strife my mind became desensitized, if I died that would be fine. But my family helps me get the urge to keep going, to press on to my warm sands and my cloud nine, they helped me get the Lord in my life, so I'm on the way to my paradise.

Even through all the turmoil and tragedy I will always have my family to hold my hands.

This is why they make me happy.

This poem is about: 
My family


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