Family Matters

The people who have encouraged you and loved you since day one, they are your family.

Family Matters.

These are the people telling you not to give up when you want to throw in the towel.

They are the people who can turn your frown into a smile, make you forget about what brought you down, Family.

They may work your nerves or make you angry at times but they do it for your benefit, to help provide the proper paths you would need to take.

They give you advice you may not want but theyre only trying to help, you may not see it now but it'll be helpfull in the long run.

Family Matters.

When you have no one left you find your reak friends, your day ones, your "ride-or-dies" not realizing they have been by your side holding you down through the wrost and definetely the best times, they have always been around and always cared, and that's family.

We make mistakes, but none of that should matter

When family unites it's not about what's wrong, but about how to make it right, and continue to make our bond grow tight.

Family Matters.

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My family
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