What does that mean?

Does it mean love and care?

Does it mean bothersome and demanding?

From the taste I’ve gotten I’d say bothersome and demanding.

They drive me insane.

I'd rather run in the rain.



Is my family like rain?

Both alarming yet calming?

Both joyful yet jarring?

Nope more jarring and alarming I would say.

I wanna scream in your face and say shut up.

You should know better than to act up.

You need to understand.

Being a teenager and growing up isn't any easy.

On the contrary my dear,

it's overwhelming and horrible.

To scary and complicated for my taste.

Shouldn't you know?

Shouldn't you understand?

Please stop putting all my time to waste.

Before I kick you in the face.

Jokes my love,

but is understanding to much to ask for?

Is that to much of a task,

or would you rather I put on a mask.

A mask of perfectness which I do not know yet how to obtain.

Please stop making me insane.

The almost bearable rain is turning into a downpour.

I am trying believe me.

You want straight A's?

So do I believe me.

Stay braced,

and watch me trying to handle all of this with grace.

But for now I'll just go stand some more in the rain.


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