family #1

Back and broke from my hiatus

Still mentally unstable, sentiments in stables,

but my hunger's been killing me

Zozo's been feeling me

Mind blew up from a Twiztid rap melody.

C'est la vie, it may be

The only story was my Neverstory

Cuz God ain't never for me

It was heriditary,

But who's to blame

when shit went down mentally?


Daddy from broke family, croak family

Don't give a yolk family, life's a joke family

Venom passed down through telepathy

From a farce that God said was meant to be

Now we're victimized

Marriage's an enterprise

Got some jewels and writs

for some juuls and shit

Had a woman to get loose of hallucinogens

Now he get loose like a hooligan

Eighteen years, me you can't fool again

Your hate will die out like a true villain.


This poem is about: 
My family


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