Familiar Cage

Oi! Let me out I say!

I'm not here of my will

and I don't want to be here

So let me out I say!

I want to explore the world

but you won't let me!

I'm stuck here. 

Please, let me out I say!

Because you can't control me

Even though you try. 

you say it's for my own good, but it's not helping. 

Let me out I say!

For this cage won't hold forever.

there are few ways to get out of here

and one of them will free me,

But let me out I say!

This world is too big to not see,

and I want to expirience it all

before I wrinkle in this cage.

So let me out I say!

for those soliutions I mentioned

are insanity, death, or freedom

And I know which one's on its way

Just Let me out I say!

It will be easier for both of us.

and it will help both of us

so please,

Let me out I say!

let me leave this familiar place

I need something new! 

something fresh.

Let me out I scream!

This place is juet to much

I's a cage, I'm the monster!

So mom, please,

Let me out of your house.

Let me leave. 

set me free from the cage. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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