The False One


United States
39° 41' 24.2088" N, 76° 50' 15" W

The False One laid out his offering for the Children.
He laid out His Goods on a gilt rug at the top of a Stair.
There was His Tempter's Ambrosia
And His sweet and sleepy Perfume.
The False One would smile to see his Goods enjoyed.
Then He would speak to the child
And sparks would leap between His fingertips as if to accentuate His words
And the child would recognize His speech as the Benevolent Truth.

He would lead them alone along a Dark Labyrinth
To a Soft Place,
A Place of Comfort and Light
With a scent of fruit
Or chocolate
Or mint.
The child would see the other Children
And need no introduction.
Then the Child Residents would gather 'round,
The False One at the Center.
And He would give his anticipated Lesson,
Speaking slowly so the boys and girls caught every word.
The Child Converts were content in this way
Though the World was hidden from them.

It would grow Dark
And as if the truth were to be revealed,
The False One motioned the Children to Sleep.
As they slept supine with grandiose dreams
He crept up on silent feet and,
After a gaze upon His Choice,
His mouth would open wide,
Wide and deep,
And He would stuff the child down His Gullet,
His False Salvation.
In such a way did He save the Children
By the days and the weeks and the years
As the Stars rotted above them.


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