Falling In & Out

Wed, 07/15/2015 - 12:57 -- MG
Nothings getting through
And right on cue,
Frustration, dissapointment rise
And so my eyes find the skies.
Same pattern, no changes
But why does it seem like I'm going though phases?
Head spinning with questions and assumptions
It's like walking through war without cautions.
You break, bleed and fall
But physically there's nothing wrong at all.
Then it gets better.
A thousand pounds get lifted off my chest
And my cheeks get redder.
My heart beats faster than a humming bird's wings
Is this feeling the difference between us and things?
Finally breaking though and getting something new,
Complete and satisfied even though it's nothing to some few.
If only cameras took samples of emotions instead of pictures
I could always treasure this feeling of happiness, and bliss in mixtures.
Everything suddenly starts to make sense,
So is this why people started writing 'those' letters in pens?
You feel like you found the reason to get up every morning
Instead of all the same routine- boring.
Up and ready to go
Never having to feel low.
It's great isn't it?
Too bad it only lasts for a minute.
You suddenly get pulled back and back into the start
Like someone pushed rewind to never get to the happily ever after part.
It's messed up and you're back to looking up at the skies
You never even had the opportunity to say your goodbyes
That once fluttering heart?
Slowly turns into a target for darts.
But, even though I'd have to start all over again,
It's worth it times ten.
Because once you get a taste of it,
Nothing could compare one bit. 


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