Falling In Love at a Coffee Shop: Down to a Science

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 11:33 -- Lewy9

There was nothing I could do.
Every cell in me has my cloned identity
swirling at its core;
Every cell in me froze-
Programmed the same to do so-
When my very essence had its epiphany.
It was a serendipity
that I found-
Out of all the sounds,
Out of all the blur,
Out of all the oblivion-
The polar opposite magnets
screamed in all my cells,
“Turn around! Turn around!”
And not being one to disobey my Mother, Nature,
I whirled around and found myself
crashing into You.
Your coffee hit the air in an
Olympic arc
Your feet learned a tango not known
to man
So here we lie, side by side on the
coffeehouse floor.
(Who knows what germs have been here, and what’s touching us now!)
But I hope you, like I
don’t mind the brownish stains,
or the violet bruises,
from our fall,
because there was nothing I could do
to stop
the inevitable union of our souls.


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