Falling... In love


United States
34° 37' 54.066" N, 98° 30' 22.3236" W

I'm falling with no chance of escape.
This is what I've dreamed of my whole life.
This is my worst nightmare.

This black hole I'm falling into,
I know what's waiting at the bottom.
There are only two possible conclusions.
Either it's you.
Or nothing.

I'm falling, faster by your whispers of hope.
No, my hands aren't brittle.
No, my skin is not stained red.
No, I've not gone blind.
Or have I?

They say that's a symptom of this terrible weakness.
My eyes can see but my mind knows nothing.
My body is cold but this heat is unbearable.
My heart is sore with the waking of each new sun.

This is a loneliness I never want to feel.
I am left with nothing,
For nothing...
I am nothing.

My lips rise with every subtle reminder.
Every patterned image of memories.
My lashes collect the water soon after.
I return to reality as I realize
This is reality.

I know how to play this game you created,
But I always lose.
I can't help but keep falling.
Falling in love.
Falling for you.

I hit the ground with no warning.
I am greeted

By nothing.


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