Fallen Warrior


It was only a time to

The fallen tribe

But I,

I lost so much.

The string that first unraveled

Was tied to the back of my tongue

The last time


Was a white room memory

A metal table

Syringes scattered


I clung to his

Beautiful golden mane

Breathing deep, swelling my eyes

Haunting the corridors

Of my broken tribe

But then,

For his final moments, we stood strong

Joined by more than a bloodline


I hung to his neck,

Once a strong warrior,

My darling was taking his last breaths.

A little clan joined


A circle around

A fading warrior


With our eyes locked onto

His fate

He stood brave

Unaware of the meaning,

Of the bright light

And the sound surrounding him

slowly stopping.


A single tear fell from his eye

I wrapped my arms tighter around his graying mane

With an injection

His heart was stopped

I wouldn’t let go

So they pulled me away


The tribe is a ghost today

no longer have a foundation

or mortar

the ashes are held close

he doesn’t have a grave

a brave warrior lost

on a once summers eve

is all that remains

of a broken family.






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