The Fall of the Tree


There once was a planet,
a ball of rock, dirt, and granite.
Full of life, lush with green,
it was like a heavenly dream.
Populated with beasts of every kind,
the void of the universe it redefined.
But no utopia lasts forever,
evolution of man brought great displeasure.
Over the millennia as jungles were chopped,
the critters of the lands sadly watched.
Gradually as the waters became heavily polluted,
the aquatic animals were slowly extruded.
Factories flung up at every corner,
turning the air into an unbreathable odor.
The fuel for all this was man's greed,
never were his desires fully complete.
Today, only a single tree still stands,
faced by a man with an ax in his hands.
With a final swing, the ax he slams,
the tree slowly falls, and to the ground it bangs.


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