The immature habits make a grown girl cry,
Half a smile covering a shameful lie,
Eager deception like those of the black pearl curse,

Like plastic surgery or a knock-off purse,
Intentional big head full of arrogance used to smother,
Evil, only cares for himself, never for another,
Sends a cold prickle up your spine from just one touch,

His words and actions are excuses used as a crutch,
Effective like a leech leading you into its cult,

Like a cockroach never coming to a halt,
Indestructible, down the aisle five times, with no signs of stopping,
Every retold story not in his favor would undergo cropping,
Someday karma will finally give him what he deserves.



"Evil, only cares for himself, never for another,"
that line really touched me, i loved the way it flowed in your poem. I like the topic it was written on, it gives a different touch on betrayal .

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