"The Faithful Husband's Love"



When He breathed into her the breathe of life,

Did first their lives then intertwine.

But then she believed the (Serpent’s) lies,

And tried to hide from her Husband’s eyes.

He found her among the many trees.

Her face flushed; her heart full of misery.

He faithfully asked her ‘What was wrong?’

But she replied with ‘It’s your fault.’

The Husband scorned by His Love’s wonton,

Promised to save her from the threat.

She was afraid for in the Law,

She had found she was doomed to fall.

But her Husband came and bore it all.

Gave up His life and took the fall.

His blood had washed her deed away.

What wondrous love He showed always!



For three days did she mourn on through;

Until the morning, she heard the news.

‘The tomb is empty,’ an angel said;

‘Where hath they laid Him,’ replied a friend.

‘He is risen; go and see Him!’



The Husband comes before His wife.

Her face is flushed, her heart full of joy;

She reaches out and holds Him tight,

She loves Him, because He first loved her!


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