It is the foundation of religion

It is the force that keeps the mind and spirit together

It is the state of belief


Fear takes over this world

Many peoples’ curiosity and notions has been the end of them

They reject more and believe less

The capacity of the mind becomes smaller


The human mind…


Limited in the sense

That it only understands

What can be seen or touched


Puzzling and confusing to some

When people talk of something

That can’t be seen

Or can’t be touched

But the people know it exists



Miracles is how they know something exists

The unexplainable

Something that is too great to be done by the hands of man


How did Daniel leave the lion’s den alive?

How was Peter able to walk on water to Jesus Christ?



Faith is thy savior

For one that has faith

Lacks fear

For one that has fear

Lacks faith

This poem is about: 
Our world


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