Once upon a time lived a child very small
Who believed that the world was magical and tall
And never saw an end in sight of it all
And built up dreams that were too big to fall

Once upon a time that child went to school
To be a good citizen and follow all the rules
Made a couple friends who thought themselves cool
And called the whole world a blasted fool

Once upon a time the child forgot
The child grew up, the child got caught
The world’s snare caused sorrow and rot
The child couldn’t escape with a single living thought

Once upon a time the child turned to blades and drugs
To escape the living torment of not feeling, or feeling too much
The darkness was surrounding, the sadness like a flood
No one seemed to see or care at the price of children’s blood

Once upon a time the child looked back on it all
On a life of sad disaster, a life of Adam’s fall
And the child began to wonder at the end, at darkness call
When did the world around him become so terribly small.


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