Fairest Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in a town far away,

You know how the story goes;

There lived a young girl with ebony black hair,

Snow white skin, and lips red as the rose;

The evil queen wanted her dead, jealous of her refreshing looks,

But the actual reason as to why- no one really knows.


“Mirror, Mirror on the wall who’s the fairest of them all?”

To which Mirror revealed Snow White;

Queen didn’t know the princess was not her competition for beauty,

Mirror showed a girl whose judgement was always right;

Level headed, honest in her actions, played by every rule,

Her fairness was indeed a sight;

For, Mirror was wiser and not petty like the Queen,

This created such a plight.


“Run, Snow White, Run-she wants to kill you,” the Huntsman advised,

So off into the forest she ran away then;

Exhausted she found herself a house to rest her eyes and rest her legs,

Waking up surrounded by seven strange little men;

She taught them manners and kept up the house while they went away and mined,

Until the Queen in disguise still sought out her yet again;

Poisoning her with the apple, cackling at her success until she realized she had lost

For Snow White’s Prince saved her with a kiss above her chin.


If Mirror showed the most beautiful girl around instead of one with a judgment fair,

The Queen would’ve left poor Snow White alone;

She would’ve sought some long flowy locks, rosy cheeks, snooty princess,

Already sitting upon a golden throne;

Now this princess, though breathtakingly beautiful to all those around her,

Was a compulsive liar and as exciting as talking to a scone;

If Mirror showed beauty, Queen would’ve chased after this high horse girl,

But still in the end, her plan to rule would be blown.


This perfect haired girl also had a brother, who everyone knows as our Prince,

The one who Snow White owes her life to;

Say the Queen was successful in doing away with the golden princess,

The Prince would be the ruler of new;

Every guard and knight would defend that castle upon hearing the evil ways of the Queen,

Closing the gates, ensuring she never get through;

Snow White would’ve been saved so much grief and avoided a sleeping coma spell,

But Mirror’s misjudgment of the Queen’s request in lieu;

Of course, the most important part of all that wouldn’t change in the slightest bit,

Is Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after, as they always do.



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