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It’s not fair.
It’s not fair that some are accepted while others are not.
Fat. Black. Crazy. Dumb.
Different. Awkward. Ugly. Alone.
Who are you to judge? Who am I to judge? No one knows, really.
So many are different. So many are misunderstood. So many are judged.
Nobody knows.
Nobody understands.
It’s not fair.
Preconceived notions convince others to try to stop change. Change allows us to grow; trying to stay the same is what makes us different.
Give us room to breathe.
Tradition is trash; it means nothing. Were traditions not what kept the practice of slaves? The mentally ill were “traditionally” beaten, abused, and left alone in a cold, dark cell. These “traditions” keep us from progressing. Let go of your trifle traditions.
Why must we all be scared? I’m scared of those who judge me. Those who judge me are scared because I’m not like them.
But we can’t live in fear our whole lives, you know!
I have anxieties. I have sadness. I have a mental illness. So why are my anxieties shunned and put aside and your anxiety about change is accepted and utilized?
Unfair. Life is unfair.
Who are you to tell me what is normal? Who are you to say whether love is between a man and a woman? Who are YOU to say that white people are the best in the world?
Who are you, anyway?
You’re just like me. We’re different, I know. But we’re the same, really.
Human. We’re both human. We mess up sometimes.
That’s okay. But when I mess up, it doesn’t affect you. Your choices could change my world.
So stop!!!
It’s not fair that I was born different.
Who said it was?
But, if you accept me, you change my difference. You make it normal. You make it acceptable.
You make me acceptable.
You make it fair.
And that makes it all okay again.

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