She lied hopelessly on the floor like a dead cat motionless with only the sound of heavy weezing. In utter shock it felt as if the world had just stopped but kept moving around me, nothing was affected down the street the same house wife would be cooking and cleaning before her husband got home. Yet who would help my grandmother, she fainted and my heart feel's as if it's being stabbed a million time's. She look's so helpless but noone care's the regular runner's are still making their daily 3 laps around the block.  Why can't I shutter a sound ? I try to talk but no word's come out instead a yell or cry for help someone to help this old lady who has held my family together who need's to hold on to dear life because she  need's to come back to us. My knee's are weak they feel like jelly but please can someone please come save her for me.



This is for my grandmother i will make her proud

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