What started as a dream took a slight left turn

a wife and daughter brought so much joy

I knew sacrifices were apart of the grind

no one mentions the self doubt present drifting into my conscious


Am I providing the support my daughter needs to thrive as a woman

am I giving her enough structure to make good choices

does she know my love for her extends more than words can describe

do I have the strength to protect her from the cruelty of our world


My wife is the light of my life but am I shining bright enough to be the light of hers

she deserves the very best I have to offer

am I living up to and fulfilling her expectations as a husband

do I give her enough love support and attention that she needs


Will I always have a job good enough to fuel their dreams

will I always know the answeres to their problems

have I shown them enough to know I will do anything for them

will tomorrow bring terrible news that i cannot comfort them from


What I do know is that they are my world

they are my reason for living

they are my passion for achievement

because of them i will never accept


This poem is about: 
My family


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