To Fail Is Not Always To Fall.

Wed, 03/06/2019 - 16:04 -- hbracy

Tick tick tock-

all I hear on the clock,

and I wish the time would move a little slower.


Drip drip drop-

things are filling up the pot,

it will overflow if I don’t get to stop it.


Skip skip hop-

children play outside nonstop,

and I reminisce on when I was like them.


Ding ding dong-

and its time to move along,

if I mess up now there’s no way I can fix it.


Dee Dee Dum-

I take it slowly, learning some,

and I know now it’s okay to mess up sometimes.


Skit skit scat-

and they’ll pat me on the back,

for they know failure can only drive you to be stronger.

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