I have seen you in my dreams.

Every time I awake you disappear.

Where do you go?

You just seem to fade away.

I want to see more of you, I'd meet you today.

I seen you sway,

I thought you were finally coming my way.

Streams of tears fell to the ground.

I had to wake up.

My life was in the pits.

My dreams were always in the clouds.

My blood soaked the floor, but my tears were dry.

My heart started to pound and my head started to spin.

My ligaments were numb and I knew it was time.

I made you a promise, and I hope my decision would be forgiven.

I needed a compromise, so I made a deal.

it felt so real,
even the the pain was there.

I looked around,
It was every where.

as I burn you look away,
don't you feel my pain??

why won't you look at me?
is it too much

this hurts a lot
why won't you look in my eyes?

once you make a deal,
there's no turning back.

I started to disappear,
but before I go..

I'll make you a deal,
I'll make all your decisions.

I'll make sure your happy
but there's one catch.

there's a dream,
that you can't have..

unless you make a deal. 
I can't tell you what will happen next,

once you start fading, you will meet me..
but it's not a pretty sight..
I'll be chanting
fading fading your fading!!!

today is the day we will meet,
I will start to sway
and come your way
I'll take your place
and you will see your new face
you will feel the pain.
you will turn insane.
I tried to warn you.
but that one dream you couldn't live without
now you will be the one to chant...

hey do you want to make a deal?
I'll make you happy but there's this one little catch.


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