Faded in the Wind

Her voice travels through the wind

At first so strong, willful, sure.

But as it travels, it fades, lower, softer,

Untill nothing is heard because the sound travelled as far as it could before fading.

The scream ripped from her lungs.

Her vocal cords burning, her heart beating fast, her hands sweating.

Anxiety crept in, her bloodstream turning cold,

As if ice water were injected into her veins.

Scared, scared that even to herself her voice seemed to become quiter, 

As if she were losing her passion, her freedom.

Her voice began to conform, society and it's pressures crushing her opinions.

The ice cold fear creeping up her spine,

As she realized that she no longer had a say.

Her heart willing her to speak, her ody not complying.

Her voice was gone, broken.

Her opinions lost, misplaced.

Everything disappeared, faded in the wind

This poem is about: 
Our world


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