Faded Friends

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 18:38 -- kulanip

It all started this one night,

strolling with the dim street light.

Lost, quiet and confused,

damaged, fragile and abused.

Wandering round and round

no where to go, not even home bound.

Gazing shadows and eerie figurines,

silence surrounds and flutters in between.

They told me, "Come on, just take one."

Lifting off, the night had only just begun.

The drinks and pills seemed never ending,

reality and my imagination started blending.

What happened kept replaying in my head,

horrifying to think that they were dead.

"Why would you do this?" I pleaded above.

Then someone answered, "It was out of love."

"Out of love?!" I shoot back, "you took them from me?"

"Out of love I opened your eyes to help you see."

"See what?" I ask, "That I have nothing left and no one?"

"No, to see what you have become,

foolish, influenced and careless,

thinking only for you, being selfish.

You knew your friends were drifting,

changing their ways, slowly shifting.

Without hesitation, you followed right behind,

now wishing that you could only just rewind."

"If only I could have just stopped..."

falling to my knees, I wept as I dropped.

There was one thing I learned that day,

hold your loved ones close and never let them fade away...

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