The Face under the Mask


It started with a bare Face with pure happiness and not a care in the world.
As time went on, the Face has seen many other faces and places.
Suddenly, the other faces grew jealous and sought to cause blemishes in the Face.
The Face has had to endure all of the torture that never seemed to top.

It had to start wearing a Mask to pretending that everything was all right.
No matter how much abuse the Face took, it tried to smile and be nice to everyone.
There were a few times that the Face wanted to destroy its appearance forever,
But that did not stop the Face from striving on through life.

The Face has always known that it has had potential to do well,
But always seems to fail before the opportunity comes.
As a result, the Face has continuously struggled, constantly being encumbered with stress.
It has never understood why other faces could not worry about themselves.

The Face has always wished to just have other faces who actually care to stay in its life,
But it barely ends up that way and the Face has been endlessly lonely.
Being on stage will always be the way that the Face can lose itself and find itself simultaneously.
It is the way to express feelings and emotions without ever having to be impure to others.

Fallen so far from the former bare face, the Face continued to wear the Mask.
However, other faces glanced beneath it and ran away in terror, never to be heard from again.
Even lonelier, the Face must move on to accomplish something in life and know of its purpose.
The Mask has always been the Face’s best friend and the actual one who has gone on stage.
Meanwhile, the real bare Face has continually hid behind the curtain, scared to face everyone.

The Mask was the one to take the damage with nothing in return from the Face.
The Face has grown tired and unsure what to do about the future, but will not give up.
I take off my Mask, giving a chance to the reader and hope that I could be accepted once more.


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