in the face of hate.

reach for your ID but be careful not to get gunned down.

these streets are feeling like syria now.

misinformed gunplay and guns spray in the area.

people being divided because they don’t meet the white mans criteria.

regardless just know that i am here for you.

to those who fear those who are deaf to the struggle just know i can hear you.

people bring in serious gun play.

because the government wants us to be scared where we leave our children to lay.

they want black folks to be locked away.

because it’s legalized slavery that paves your walk way.

even the deaf can see when the night has turned into day yet we procrastinate.

so many people are counting on reparations day.

the system is trembling; they all yelling mayday.

niggas branded and conditioned and slaving for the next pay day.

people aren’t ready for change.

but they best getting going before it gets to be too late.

if my words aren’t so vivid i’ll find someone who can paint.

my words WILL get a cross like a foreclosure on a bank. 

i’m not going to put my hands in the air and wait.

i’m going to make moves so that the next child would never have to look into the face of hate.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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