Face Forward

I know that that is not them

I know that I am not acting myself

Standing in this room surrounded

I feel alone


Face Forward

Focus on the walls around me

avoiding a glance at the horror

of the room next door


Face Forward

Look to my mom

Realize that in all of the chaos

She has not cried

Puzzled ask why


Without pausing she answers

It is better to remember them happy

To respect the person they were

Than acknowledge the shadow they are now


Face Forward

See earlier judgments for what they were

FEAR, fear of the unknown

Fear of the remains of a friend

Face Forward

Take those first fleeting steps into the abyss

into the worst moment of your young life

and pause

Would she want you to feel this way?


To be terrified to see her so unnaturally still

Still unlike anything she was before

Her face relaxed, without laughter

A sound I never want to forget


The moment I had feared arrived


a word taken for granted

a moment not soon forgotten


Face Forward

Accept that this goodbye is permanent

But I will never forget

The ring of laughter she left behind


Facing Forward

The sadness is remembered

It is the wonderful memories mourned

The realization that life will continue

Without her by your side


Always Face Forward.


This poem is about: 
My family
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