In the Face of Evil

Sun, 04/28/2013 - 23:02 -- loki13


United States
45° 2' 7.6452" N, 87° 49' 51.9492" W

Countless words are left unspoken,
Tiny children’s hearts are broken.
The moon is faultless, bright as day,
Whispers are heard from miles away
People lye silently, afraid to die,
In the distance, you hear them cry.

What has happened to the world we knew,
So much is lost and there’s nothing we can do.
We try to be brave for those who cannot,
As we wait, impatiently, for this violence to stop.

Bombs are ticking, like the clocks on the wall,
Guns are firing, amidst of it all.
People are falling, trying to stand tall,
Fighting for loved ones, defending us all.

Happier days are in the past,
We watch the world through the looking glass.
Why must we live in fear, in this land?
Waiting for someone to take our hand.

Breaking free from terrorists binds,
Trying to enrich life for all of mankind.
Wanting to revolutionize like the face of a dime.
These are the challenges we face in this time.


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