Off the Face of the Earth

You were my best friend.

I think of you often.

Where have you gone?

I feel a little lost now

I have no one to complain to.

No one to drive late at night with.

No one to make bad decisions with.

You left me behind like I was nothing.

Like I have no feelings.

You said you understood my depression.

It's not understanding, when you just turn your back.

Now a best friend is something I lack.

You left me alone.

I will rise above your childish schemes.

When you take a look back and remember me.

Don't forget I was there.

Don't forget every time you needed me.

Don't forget I was the one to call.

Because eventually you will be nothing at all.

You are hard headed and stuck in yourself.

I can't believe this is what happened.

You were there for six years.

Now nothing.

We would call, text, and Facebook.

You deleted, blocked, and forgot.

I understand you have problems.

Why can't you understand mine?

You have done this before.

It is not the first time.

I should have learned, I am smarter than you.

You broke my trust.

And you can't fix that with glue.

Take a long hard look.

I'm taking a step back.

I will not be there to pick you up.

I will not be there when you decide you can be my friend again.

I am not a nuisance.

You will not win.




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