The Facade


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She feels her eyes water and her heart beat faster,

She takes a deep breath and plasters on her scowl,

She shoves back her tears and steals her heart,

She is better than this... Stronger than this,

Before the first pathetic tear can fall she perfects her facade

She places a practiced smile in place,

She takes another deep breath as she goes cold,

She glances in the mirror thinking:

I'm better than this... Stronger than this,

Soon she is walking out into a world full of her fears

Her fake smile soon fades as she admires her work

No one gives her a second glance or notices the dark circles under her eyes

No ones sees past her facade... no one see the girl struggling to breathe

So she continues to pretend because that is what they want...

Afterall, if they didn't they'd take the time to see past her facade

But they don't, so she doen't stop pretending

Until she's alone again and she can no longer hold back her pathetic tears

As she screams in digust at the girl she has become...

At the girl behind the facade


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