The Eye Sea


I convince myself I hate em all, But I love 'em

Friends that whisper when my presence isn't given

It's a gift I give to myself, these emotions that are written

Bitten, Chewed, Swallowed, and Spit out the Sounds

of Consumption surrounding my name are so loud

I hear em wonder and ask the why's and the how's?

And I ask myself, well, what am I about ?

The ambiguity of never being sure who to trust

It's like having a woman that succumbs to lust

They steel my heart so much I've grown rust

The damp emotions and the constant rush

of water that drips like torture in between my eyes

or is it words that drip like torture in to my ears

It's never clear

Convoluted thoughts and words like a life out of focus

sometimes I feel like I was cursed by God like the locusts

They say that I'm dumb I hear the thought patterns

They say that I'm wrong, I see that their thoughts matter

They tell me to ignore it and pretend there are no enemies

But if looks could shoot bullets

The trigger would be squeezed

because so many have pulled it

I'm not sure why hydrogen bonds to Oxygen

Or what the source of this electro-chemical reaction is

I'm not sure if I don't Bond because of 

my history or my Gene-ius

But if Levi's could speak

They'd tell tales of catchings tears all week

Tears of Joy, strength, sadness, glee, and loss

Water drops that they caught

Which trailed from my eyes

and fell off of my Jaws

like the gossip that I saw


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