Extraordinary: An Ode to Me, to myself, to I

I am extraordinary, my life, my brain, everything surrounding me is magic.

Wondrous light that angels dare not see.

I am one, one in a sea of faces, each dark and clouded.

Eyes dull and heads slumped.

Yet I am bright, skin glowing with the radiance of Gods glory.

I am one, one in a billion, yet I am me.

I am not a number, I am not a name, I am me.

I am extraordinary.


Though their heads may be slumped and eyes dead.

I wonder whether they see my aura, my brilliance.

Perchance, no, no, no, yet maybe yes.

Perhaps, I am the one with the radiance of night.

My eyes filters of darkness, too wrapped in self-belief to see what I truly am.

I may be one in a billion, but are all the billion one?

Are we all the grey clouds, are we all the clones.

Individual in look yet identical in soul.

Has my own light been snuffed out by the smog?

For a fire cannot burn with oxygen.

Too much fire and there is no room to breathe and we all suffocate.



I see my fire wrapped around me in a shroud of glory and pride.

I see my peers, my friends shrouded in grey, in shadows.

Yet, suddenly, now my own fire has dimmed ever so slightly.

Now, I can see the flames in each of their eyes, beautiful as it is powerful.

Every single one, one in a billion.

A billion as one, each a flame each glorious as they are unique.


For once, I look above me.

I see sky, endless blue sky.

I was so worried that my fire would have no room to grow.

No room to live, to breathe, to spread.

Yet the sky Is endless, endless space for growth, for life.


Yes I see it, a billion flames, each roaring as one.

Yet each to their own rhythm. I am one in a billion, a billion in one.

I am……..no!

We are, extraordinary!

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