Footfalls fast but not as strong as my heart.

I rush and curb the corner of buildings.

Running out of breath and out of time.

Feeling like a plaything.

A mouse that's already been caught.


Inherently I won't stop, I can not stop.

Throwing everything into my escape.

Rounding the alley that is black like pitch.

Like a damsel in a movie getting ready to trip.

Curses fall from under my gasping breaths.


Doubled over my lungs hissing in dismay. 

Looking to find a way out but nothing is there but a dead end.

Backing up into a fence that might as well be a cage.

Screaming would do nothing but doom someone else to share in my fate.

Instead I hold it in and search for a weapon.


The last resort a hopeless whim.

Grabbing hold of a scrap of wood.

It’s upon me before I can blink away a stray tear.

Lifting  up my wooden dagger with every last bit of strength . 

Only to have my wrist snapped as if a twig.


Crying a horror as I futilely retreat.

In grasped by the shell of a man.

Eyes black in-depth staring back at me.

A malicious smile graced his lips.

He leans in to place a lick on my throat


I cringe and shove away

Only to be crushed

A paper bag, airless

I relent and sag

A possum.


A piercing, burning ache takes up the side of my neck

A rip of flesh wet and vulgar.
Squelch of a lineage put to an end.

I no longer cry out as I’m drained.

There is no use I can't be saved.



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