Exquisite taste

Just yesterday, I abandoned my antisocial ways

In exchange for a life of misery and failure

This damn New York traffic keeps preventing me from acquiring any precious sleep


Following the casual rhymth of city life

My body begins to synchronize with all sorts of confusing feelings

Creating a rather unorthodox dance, to which no one but me knows the steps


Taking advantage of the world's ignorance

Without attracting any attention

Without meeting anyone's gaze

We reduce ourselves to mindless fools

All for mankind's sake


An innocent first kiss and the regret of a corrupted life

So sweet and yet so bitter

I'll put on a huge smile to let the childhood sweet-heart know that I'm alright

What is it that I lost sight of?

Will I obtain it in the chorus of this song?

To rid myself of these jitters, I'll resort to anything

It seems that the streets of New York have stopped their tantrum


Strawberry jam and love songs

Acrid medicine and unrequited love

The two contrast before our eyes

Lets keep the party going in the next town!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

For the waiting is gradually pulling on my humanity

In this world painted in my image, I still fail to understand why I'm left with such an unsatisfied aftertaste










































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