You were going to leave

Leave everyone

Leave me

During my biggest point in life

What did I do to you?

To deserve a cruel fate like that

It unearthed emotions I kept hidden for years

Secrets keep getting revealed

One topped upon another




I cant keep up anymore




I feel like I’m suffocating

Trapped inside myself

I was supposed to turn to you

Trust you

Believe you

But all you did was disappoint

Lungs full of dirt

You bury me alive

Trapped by the weight of your damage

Dirt piling all around me

Dense on my skin

So confused

So scared

You keep going in circles

I keep waiting for more dirt

Like a distant nightmare

That could ruin my life again


Waiting to topple the already fragile stack of lies and secrets


It wouldn’t matter if I didn’t love you

But unfortunately

I do

And I only say that

Because I’m just waiting

For another heartache from you


You were the one man

Who wasn’t supposed to break my heart

And you broke it the worst


I mean, you are my dad after all.            



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