One day after the divorce I met my father at Ihop for

breakfast I didn't know his wife was joining us

She seemed alright and I  loved how she acted as if 

she knew I was here first

Even my father acted as if he really loved me he

ordered chocolate chip pancakes, which 

were my favorite when I was a kid


Everything was going great

 cheerful,upbeat, enticing, happy

maybe just maybe this could work

Until she said "Surprise! Im pregnant" and 

my yummy delcious chocolate chip pancakes

fell right out of my mouth 

The calm serene ocean turned into a tsunami 

and I turned into a raging lunatic


"We told you first because I don't

think your broher could handle the 

news very well" And that's when the

tsunami flooded that Ihop drowning her

and her new baby and


the man I once called daddy.



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