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Why do you cry?
I cry because I am a second-class citizen.
Why do you feel that way?
I feel this way because I am said to be no more than 3/5 of a person.
How are you gonna feel better?
I’m gonna stop crying and take a seat.
Isn’t that seat for whites only?
Technically speaking yes.
Well how can you justify sitting there?
If we’re all burned on a cross our color disappears and we’re all flesh underneath.
Why are you so brave?
I don’t see it as bravery, I see it as what’s right---

Protest, Peace, Peace, Protest
Exercise the rights supplied to rest,
Of society that chooses to exclude this colored blood
Civil Right’s shouldn’t be something to only dream of
I want to cleanse cotton field memories laced with sorrow
I sit down for my liberty and a brighter tomorrow

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I wrote this because I was inspired by the sit down protests during the civil rights movements. This is my little spin off on what got these young men and women inspired to do sit downs in the first place.

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