I know I'm not the best
But I'm not the worst
I know that I'm blessed
But in some ways I'm cursed
I show a lot of love
But I hold a lot of pain
I have so much to lose
But so much more in life to gain
I roll with all the punches
Take the hits and recover
Stand up stronger then ever
'Cause in my heart I'm a lover
Although I'm a strong fighter
Sometimes for the wrong things
I hope for all the right
And one day I'll get my wings
I've been through hell and back
But it's lessons that I'm learning
I thought I wouldn't wake up, but guess what
I made it and the worlds still turning
I know we all feel the same
We've had the roughest times
And felt the toughest pain

But we all have a story, so listen to others and hear mine

The lord knows I'm a sinner
But I pray and repent
I know when my time comes
I'm being heaven sent
I got another chance to live
I can't express how grateful I feel
To wake up and see my niece's face
She makes it worth it and helps me heal
Just to see her smiling face
Melts away all the fear
Of thoughts that haunt my dreams
The memories I wish weren't real
I looked death in the face

I collapsed and saw the other side

Now I'm breathing, my hearts beating

My demons failed to consume me but they tried

I'm turning the pages in life

Onto the next chapter
I'm writing a new book
It's about the life after

The old pages burned in my soul
It's time to leave it in the past
Life is way too short
And It's drifting by so fast

So make the best of the worst
Feel the love and the hurt

But always pick back up
With a smile on your face
Because everyone's unique
No one can ever replace

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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

life presents many experiences as you pointed out here

it's all about growth, and strength

education is universal, and learning is continuous

you forgive, but never forget

move forward, and live on

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