Our expectations create our reality

Our world is made of thoughts

Our identities don’t create our labels

Our labels create us

Tell me what you want to be becomes misleading once you

Realize I’ve already made up my mind what you are from

The moment you walked into the room

I change identities like changing clothes

I turn over a new leaf like turning pages in a book




They always told you not to care what other people think of you

They never mention that you are what other people think of you

There’s no secret you deep down inside

You are your actions

You are how you our perceived

Social ostracization is our only natural predator

The only thing that hunts us is our own self-doubt

We are caged by ideas we invented

Trapped by social convention

Our reality is shaped by thoughts

Particles bend depending on who’s watching

We are all just words waiting to be arranged into a poem 

This poem is about: 
My community


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