This world has so many expectations

we give and give and give

to possibly get something in return


Work ourselves up a ladder

of accomplishments in life

trying to achieve the highest rank


But no one is impressed

when they’re bragged about

with that egotistical sly jerk grin


Only jealousy cringes our brows

left here making tiny steps

towards our much bigger goals


You, high up on your pedestal,

making yourself rise higher

trying to tell us our dreams

of peace and unity


As meaningful as a star shinning

in the night sky begging to be wished

upon with only uncertainty of your wish

ever coming true


You stand there

saying you’re our leader

bashing down your competitors

showing us just how small and weak

you tell us we are


You go inspiring millions

with statements of change

as if you have any control

of this game of wits you created

and stumbled into


Are we to follow you in these footsteps?

To me, there’s no surprise,

with examples such as these

getting paid millions to belittle and bully


Teaching us life’s a struggle

that to win

you have to come out on top


In this contest of popularity

I shall stand aside knowing

these difficulties

aren’t worth the fight


Nor do I have the dying urge

to sit upon your royal throne

withstanding the stress

of holding up your image


So, I’ll remain, here,

in the shadows and let you

stand on in the shimmering spotlight


Because to us, your followers

in this naïve and overly cruel world

You meet all the required expectations



I'd love to hear this performed aloud--it is really powerful, and builds. I think it would be stronger with more line breaks, though. Please keep posting. Your work is great!


I have gone back and revised it a bit with line breaks. Let me know if you think it is stronger this way, as you thought it would be. Thank you so much for the suggestion and thank you, poetry is my release of emotion, I just let it flow.


Love it! It's definitely easier on the eyes/to read. Your work is so amazing. Keep it up :)

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