Excuse My Rights Part 1

We go in and say our peace, stay to ourselves leaving in disbelief. No need for
unwanted keep and a trial should be brief.   These are citizens of a country they have a right to be free.   Nor do they have the right to be arrested for unjust cause or harassed for protesting
unjust laws created with robust flaws like confronting alien walls.   The right to contact the politicians that are supposed to represent the “people”, because
it’s a democracy that supposedly means equal.   Not a one man show or a two man game because it’s stated in a doctrine under the
plain name Constitution.Or dig in deeper and call it the Bill of Rights, created by a corporation in sight to find
compromising resolutions to do what’s right.   I’m done now, but I have a question are they supposed to be finding solutions to the  “landfill” problems? It seems all they do is throw back
“pollution” instead of solving em.



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