Mon, 07/15/2013 - 12:29 -- TruVamp


Looking at you I have no fear

Thoughts of our sex seem so clear.

Kissing your lips, wiggle out tongues

Sharing our saliva, running down my lungs

Move to my neck and start to suck

I'm in the mood, it's just your luck

Move to my ear and start to nibble

I'm getting wet, just a little

Feel my body and move around

You touched my spot so I made a sound

I take your shirt off and you take off mines

I'm satisfied with what I find

You unbuckle my bra and pull down my pants

Your like an angel, denial I just can't

You lay me down so soft..so smooth

Trapped in a cloud, can hardly move

Kiss down my body, bite my thong

Drag it down, my legs so long

You take your pants off, drop to the floor

You stop for a minute, I want some more

Grasp my breast, hear me moan

Grab your dick and hear you groan

I spread my legs inviting you in

You put a cap on, getting the hint

You slip in so easy cuz I'm dripping wet

As you move inside me I'm glad we met

As you go fast I start to scream

Scratches on your back are easy to see

As we climax we sigh together

That was the best sex, there's no better.



hope it's not too exclusive..

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