The Evolution: From Boy to Man

The boy I was a year ago still had a dad.A loving dad who was just trying to turn a boy into a man.For a tragedy was coming. The boy I was a year ago was a little more sophomoric.Didn't care if I was wrong, I didn't care about anything but myself.For, I didn't see a tragedy coming. The boy I was a year ago didn't believe in family time."Family time" seemed more like a time to just argue.For, I still didn't see an upcoming tragedy. The boy I was a year ago didn't pay attention to life lessons;It was a new era, those lessons were no longer valid.I still hadn't noticed the tragedy was upon us. The boy I was a year ago didn't know what to do.How was I supposed to deal with eternal absence?The tragedy had occurred. The boy I was a year ago had regret everything.Why didn't I listen more?Why didn't I bond more?Why didn't I learn more?The tragedy had affected me. The boy I was a year ago learned from a horrible experience and became a man.I wanted to listen, so I did.I wanted to bond, so I did.I wanted to learn, so I did.The tragedy taught me how to be mature and strong. The man I am today is considered successful for his age.Because I decided to go back and take advice from the best,To become the greatest I could be.Because it's never too late to learn,Even after a tragedy.

This poem is about: 
My family


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