Is Evol... Love ? Life Live Evil Love

Her name was Kennedy

and I really wish that she was into me. 

14 months after Kianna. Thinking that she was the only one for me 

and how my feelings trapped me so deep.

I escaped and my love is hungry and I see 

her as prey. I don’t know 

if it’s real or if it’s bait.

Now I second guess after I was trapped from the first encounter.

I wish we both could understand so then we could lock lips and hold hands. 

She would be My Girl and I would be Her Mans.

And we’ll be so comfortable around each other 

that we can be goofy when we sing and dance. 

I wish it wouldn’t be this hard,

and I wish the love was real so we wouldn’t have to play watchman or guard. 

I’m 100% true, I want to take it far,

I don’t want to be the one looking for

love at clubs and bars. 

And if she hasn’t loved 

then she’s a alien from mars.

And I overly display my love so I’m no human either.

I’m too open and she’s too closed.

I want to expose... my inner thoughts and inner me... 

and then let us intervene.

Nowadays Human beings are

being mean. 

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